Activities Near the Phillipsburg Port, St. Maarten

Comprising the southern third of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, St. Maarten is home to Phrillipsburg port which is a popular stop with many cruise lines. Cruisers find an island atmosphere with European sophistication lending itself to both water-based and land-based activities .stmaarten-philipsburg

WaterBased Activities

Many cruisers enjoy competing in a shortened America’s Cup Regatta race. The great news is that no prior sailing experience is needed, as the captain and his crew efficiently teach cruises all they need to know. Cruisers can also choose to just sit back and enjoy the amazing views and soak up the sun. Participants can choose to sail on a yacht that was actually part of the America’s Cup Regatta or choose to ride on another 12-meter yacht in this friendly competition.
expedition-snuba-01Snuba diving is a popular activity when visiting St. Maarten. Unlike scuba diving, the heavy equipment is carried on a boat that rests on the water’s surface. Yet, divers can enjoy diving up to 20 meters while being surrounded by colorful topical fish.
Unwinding is easy when cruisers visit Orient Bay where they can be treated to massages, unlimited rums, and have a chance to play on this white sand beach that has been rated as one of the top beaches in the world. Of course, a dip in the clear blue water is a great way to cool off. Popular water sports are available at this tropical location.
Swimming with dolphins becomes a reality when visiting St. Maartin. These dolphins not only let you swim with them, but they will dance and sing to you as you play with them. Meanwhile, marine biologists teach about the importance of protecting their natural habitat.
Kayaking is a popular pastime on St. Maarten. Green Cay near Oyster Beach is the perfect destination for those who have never been kayaking before. This quiet cove offers outstanding water where kayakers can see a variety of marine wildlife. Kayakers can stop and visit the red and white striped lighthouse that is one of the oldest on the island or visit St. Barth where the rich often come to play. Another alternative for kayakers is Pinel Island which offers sandy beaches that are less crowded along with beautiful hiking trails just waiting to be explored. Most kayaking rentals come with snorkeling equipment.

Land Based Activities

While water-based activities are most popular in St. Maarren, cruisers should not overlook land-based activities.
Home to over 500 duty-free shops where American money is readily accepted at most of these shops , cruisers find usually about 66 percent lower than in America particularly on top-of-the-line jewelry and watches. In addition, make sure to try St. Maarten’s exclusive guavaberry liquor. This traditional Christmas rum is produce.
One of the largest butterfly farms in the world is located on St. Maarten island where visitors can see butterflies and moths in every stage of life. The farm allows visitors to handle exotic butterflies from around the world and visit with a naturalist who gladly answers all your questions. Photography is encouraged, so cruisers need to bring their cameras along. Living on the farm is a variety of birds, including exotic hummingbirds, so look all around when visiting the farm.
St. Maartin’s unique history can be explored when visiting the various forts located on the island. When the island was under French control, they built Fort Saint Louis. fort saint louis st martinVisitors to this site, near Margot, need to climb the hill for amazing views of the nearby harbor. Closer to where the cruise ship docks is Fort Amsterdam that was the critical battle site where Great Britain took control of the island from the Denmark.
Many cruisers hope that lady luck shines on them while they visit the casinos located on the Dutch side of the island. Some of the top casinos located near the port include Beach Plaza Casino, Coliseum, Diamond Casino, Jump Up Casino and Princess Casino. Almost all feature slots, table games, and poker, while some offer sports betting, outstanding food, and stage shows. To get the most out of your vacation at beautiful St. Maartin, you’ll want to visit as many of the hot spots as possible. To accomplish this, it’s best is to have your own means of transportation. Good thing they have Best Deal Car Rentals on the island… our recommended business for car rental St Maarten offering reliable cars at great prices.